About us

The world’s Southernmost Cardano Stake Pool

As the southernmost Cardano stake pool in the world, 46 South operates on a reliable Starlink connection in Invercargill, New Zealand. Our 4G failover system ensures uninterrupted service for our delegators.

To promote network decentralization, we use physical, baremetal servers with UPS backup for redundancy. Our servers use only 100 watts of power and are powered by 100% renewable energy from the South Island of New Zealand, making them eco-friendly and sustainable.

We are proud to have received an IOHK delegation for epochs 265-294 and strive to maintain the highest standards of performance and reliability. By delegating with 46 South, you can help contribute to the success of the Cardano network while enjoying the benefits of our dedicated service.

If you’re interested in delegating your ADA to a reliable, energy-efficient Cardano stake pool, look no further than 46 South. Join us today and become a part of the growing Cardano community.


If you already have $ADA in your wallet, why not put it to work for you by delegating to a Cardano stake pool like ours? Not only can you earn rewards without giving up control of your funds, but you’ll also be supporting the continued growth and success of the Cardano network.

At 46 South, our pool ticker is [46S]. You can find us in your favorite wallet and easily delegate your $ADA to start earning rewards right away. Plus, when you delegate to our pool, you’ll also receive $CNC, $NEWM, $HOSKY, $DRIP, and many other tokens through DripDropz, VendingMachine, and SmartClaimz.

Alternatively, you can visit our delegation page to delegate directly and become a part of the growing Cardano community. Don’t miss out on the chance to earn rewards while contributing to the future of Cardano. Join us at 46 South and start delegating today!

Our Mission

At 46 South, our mission is to support the decentralisation and accessibility of the Cardano network. We launched our Cardano stake pool in March 2021, utilising our unique global position and baremetal servers in Invercargill, New Zealand to help achieve this goal.

The Cardano network was designed to be decentralized and inclusive, with a low barrier for entry. This ensures that the network remains accessible to everyone and is not controlled by a small group of wealthy individuals.

By delegating your $ADA to our pool, you can contribute to the decentralization and success of the Cardano network while earning rewards for your contributions. Join us today and become a part of the growing Cardano community, helping to create a more equitable future for the blockchain space.

Climate Neutral Cardano – 20% of operator rewards are donated

At 46 South, we are proud participants in Climate Neutral Cardano (CNC), dedicated to promoting sustainability and reducing carbon emissions within the Cardano network.

As part of our commitment to CNC, we donate 20% of our operator rewards to the Tetikasa Ala project. This impactful initiative in Madagascar focuses on forest and soil regeneration, empowering the local community to lead these efforts. Learn more about their work on their Twitter page.

For more information about Climate Neutral Cardano and our sustainability initiatives, please visit the CNC project website.

By delegating to our stake pool, you are actively supporting a more sustainable and equitable future for the blockchain space. Join us today and be a part of this transformative movement!

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At 46 South, we are proud to be affiliated with several groups that share our commitment to supporting the Cardano community. We encourage you to click through to learn more about each group and their efforts to promote decentralisation, sustainability, and innovation within the blockchain space.

By supporting these groups and partnering with like-minded organisations, we can work together to help build a more equitable and sustainable future for the Cardano network. Join us in supporting these important initiatives and becoming a part of the growing Cardano community today!

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